ICMA Discusses How to Stay Safe in Winter Travel

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International City Management Association
Image: icma.org

Odis Jones recently served as the CEO of the Public Lighting Authority of Detroit. In this position he managed day-to-day operations for the Detroit-based utility company. Outside of work, Odis Jones is involved with the International City Management Association (ICMA).

The ICMA works with local government organizations in order to aid the development and betterment of communities through improved city management. Both large cities and small towns are members of this organization, and all benefit as city managers learn how best to work with their residents and solve the common problems most cities face.

In December of 2016, the ICMA discussed several ways to increase public safety when severe snowstorms occur. The organization stated the number one way to keep people safe was to restrict travel as much as possible, in order to prevent individuals from becoming trapped on interstates and other roads. Another key concern that should be addressed in public service announcements is the safety of individuals who remain in their cars while the engine is running. This can be dangerous if the tailpipe is not clear or if the vehicle is parked within an enclosed space, such as a garage. Finally, those that do feel the need to venture out in a snow storm should be encouraged to pack clothing, food, and water in their car. In the event that they get stranded on the road, they will have access to these basic needs until help arrives.