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American Planning Association

As a successful businessman in and around Detroit, Michigan, Odis Jones has spent more than 20 years in city management and positions related to economic development. In addition to his work throughout Detroit Odis Jones has also contributed to a number of professional organizations, including the American Planning Association (APA).

The American Planning Association is designed to assist and educate planners who desire to learn new and better community-planning strategies. The APA includes the largest collection of materials on the subject of community planning and includes several advisors to assist current and future planners in the broadening of their knowledge of planning techniques.

The American Planning Association includes a Knowledge Center with a number of publications and e-learning programs, as well as a large amount of multimedia information. The Multimedia Image Library includes thousands of photos submitted by fellow planners and is always open to new submissions, based on the library’s image guidelines. The library includes planning files and links to websites regarding APA member projects and other community development efforts that allow planners to draw inspiration from previous designs. The multimedia library also features podcasts, videos, and stories about many of the featured projects.