ICMA Partners with Bang the Table

Bang the Table pic
Bang the Table
Image: icma.org

Working with the city of Detroit, Odis Jones held the role of chief executive officer of the Public Lighting Authority, where he was responsible for a complete rebuild of Detroit’s power grid. In addition to his work responsibilities, Odis Jones belongs to various professional organizations, including the International City Management Association.

The International City Management Association (ICMA) recently announced a new strategic partnership with engagement firm Bang the Table. Beginning in 1996, the ICMA began forming alliances with organizations and programs as a means of providing city managers with access to new thinking and ideas, helping them stay at the forefront of the industry.

Bang the Table is the force behind EngagementHQ, an online service that provides engagement, relationship management, and analytics services within a single package. The software was designed to help companies better manage their community outreach initiatives.

In his comments, ICMA Executive Director Marc A. Ott expressed optimism about the new partnership and the opportunity for improving engagement that comes with it. He also stressed the importance of community relationships as a key element of bringing any planning initiative from concept to completion.