Detroit Streetlights Completed Ahead of Schedule and Under Budget

Public Lighting Authority of Detroit pic
Public Lighting Authority of Detroit

Odis Jones recently served as the CEO of the Public Lighting Authority of Detroit. One of the highlights of the work Odis Jones performed for the Detroit utility company was overseeing the complete rebuilding of the power and street lighting grid.

In December of 2016, the Public Lighting Authority of Detroit was able to achieve its goal of rebuilding the city’s power grid as well as putting up 65,000 streetlights. This work has improved public safety by providing lighting to large formerly-unlit or poorly-illuminated areas of the city. This represents a major improvement for Detroit, since about 40% of the existing streetlights were not working before the overhaul was implemented. In keeping with 21st century environmental concerns, the new lights are LEDs, which makes Detroit the first city to be lit entirely by LED streetlights. Although the project cost $185 million, it was completed under budget and ahead of schedule. Rebuilding the grid and replacing the streetlights was a process that was initiated in February of 2014.


American Planning Association Names New Director of Education

American Planning Associatio pic
American Planning Association

As the recent CEO of the Public Lighting Authority of Detroit, Odis Jones managed over 200 employees. He also ensured the Detroit company stayed within its $10 million annual operating budget. Outside of work, Odis Jones is involved with the American Planning Association.

The American Planning Association has the mission of helping city officials and developers plan and create safer communities for city residents while providing improved housing choices and commuting options. There are over 100 countries represented in the organization, with 47 chapters in the United States.

In December of 2016, the American Planning Association named Kimberly Jacques as the new director of education for the organization. Her responsibilities will include directing and improving the educational classes that benefit planning professionals. The classes offered are both in-seat as well as online. She previously was the director of the education center for the Radiological Society of North America. In addition to the organization and delivery of these classes, she will be tasked with developing new course topics relevant for ever-changing communities across the world.

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